With R & D Institute in Odaka and Mold technology section in Komaki city, GomunoInaki conducts its own R&D research, based on the information acquired from the broad industrial field.
GomunoInaki also positively conducts advanced research themes, including those requested by customers. Thus its R&D capability is so esteemed, as no other trading company should conduct. GomunoInaki has earned a prestigious stage as a trading company, even having exceeding capability of the manufacturers.
R & D Institute, in Odaka, Nagoya
"A trading company who owns its R&D Institute!"
Its unique existence withdrew some attention in the industry in 1971, when it was established in Odaka headquarters premises, south of Nagoya.

With accumulated know-how and contribution on it, over the past 30 years, GomunoInaki's "R&D Institute" has gained high reliance, and it has become "another representation" of GomunoInaki. The expertise lies in sophisticated work responding to versatile needs, from a combination design and material evaluation through product evaluation and various testing.
Mold Technology Section, in Komaki
The metallic mold, indispensable to rubber and plastic fabrication, bears the key role in production.

"Mold Research Institute," established in 1982, in Komaki City, Aichi, north of Nagoya, has been paying its efforts to research & development of quality mold in design, for "high quality," "high productivity," and "low production cost."
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Three-dimensional CAD/CAM/CAE systems
GomunoInaki to provide with quick and exact data exchange to serve customers with flexibility, from a viewpoint of a customer. To mention a few, three-dimension model data creation from two-dimension drawings, creations of mold data in CAM, and of high-speed molding data in STL (stereo lithography), and order sales of various molding articles.
Resin Fluidity Analysis
In the design stage before molds are built, resin fluidity analysis is applied, by three-dimensional CAD modeling to perform simulations for checking inappropriate modes, such as resin formed article defects, welds, and curves and deformation. This is to contribute to mold quality and process control.
Rubber Stress Deformation Analysis
For time-consuming rubber stress and deformation theoretical forecast calculation, nonlinear organization analysis system is employed.