Line of Business

Technical Development

The diversified capabilities of GomunoInaki's
Technical Department supports the needs of our customers.

"Just submit our drawings to GomunoInaki, and they'll handle the rest."
This is how GomunoInaki responds to our customers' expectations. GomunoInaki's Technical Department covers
CAE product design, Material Development, Production Process Design, and Die Design, supported by our R & D Center and Mold Research Center.
GomunoInaki is working to develop new discoveries to support our customers.

R & D Center,
Located at our Odaka Headquarters
"A Trading Company with an R & D Center!" This unique existence grabbed the attention of the industry when it was established in 1971 at our Odaka Headquarters location. With a half-century of experience, GomunoInaki's R & D Center holds a high reputation, and has become another face of GomunoInaki. This expertise allows our Center to respond to a variety of needs, from composition design and material evaluation to product evaluation and various testing functions.
Mold Research Center,
in Komaki City
The Steel Mold, indispensable to Rubber and Plastic Fabrication, bears the key role for production. Our Mold Research Center, established in 1982 in Komaki City, north of Nagoya, has been putting effort into R & D towards building quality molds with our mantra: "High Quality, High Productivity, and Attractive Cost."

Three-dimensional CAD/CAM/CAE systems

In order to facilitate fast and accurate data transfer with our customers, various 3D CAD systems are utilized.
These systems include three-dimensional model data creation from 2D drawings, creations of mold data in CAM,
high-speed molding data in STL (Stereo Lithography), along with various molding related products are available to the customer.

Structure Analysis
Nonlinear structure analysis system is utilized for the theoretical calculation of stress and deformation failure points.
Resin Fluidity Analysis
During the designing stage before molds are built, a resin fluidity analysis is performed through 3D CAD modeling. These simulations allow us to check inappropriate modes, such as article defects, welds, curves, and deformations.

Technical Equipment

Category Equipment Make Model Quantity
CAD/CAM 3D CAM system JBM Master CAM X3 1
Machine tool Machining center YASDA YBM-950V 1
Wire-electric discharge machine Sodick AG600L 1
Composite NC lathe with No.2 Y-axis Mazak INTEGREX200 Ⅳ-T 1
Vibration testing Electromagnetic vibration testing machine with chamber IMV EM2301 1
Hydraulic fatigue tester with chamber Shimadzu EHF-UB50kN-40L 1
Torsional testing machine Shimadzu EHF-TV02KNM-040 1
Seal testing Air leak tester Cosmo LS-900 1
Low temperature tester Automatic T-R tester Ueshima TM-3531 1
Fluidity tester Mooney viscosity tester Toyo Seiki AM-1PM 1
Rheometer (Lotus vulcanization testing) Toyo Seiki RLR-3 1
Capillary rheometer Toyo Seiki 1D 1
Material property testing Durometer A Shimadzu 2
Wallace micro-hardness testers Wallace H-12 2
Teclock micro-hardness tester Teclock GS-680 1
Autograph Shimadzu AGS-500B 1
Dispersion measurement machine OPTIGRADE dispergrader1000 1
Characteristics De Mattia flex cracking tester with.chamber Toyo Seiki G7A-L 1
Thermal shock chamber ETAC NT510 1
Ozone weather meter SUGA OMS-LX 2
Microammeter ADC 5450 1
Oven Test tube aging testers Toyo Seiki UT15 3
Thermostatic chamber
(Maximum temperature: 500℃)
espec STPH-200 1
Material processing Test roll mill Kansai Roll 8in 1
Test kneader machine Toshin 3L 1
3D-CAD CATIA V5 Dassault R23 2
SolidWorks Dassault Ver2015 2
CAE 3D-TIMON (Fluidity analysis) Toray Eengineering 3D TIMON Ver10 R2.4 1
Marc (Nonlinear structure analysis) MSC MARC Ver2012 1