Line of Business

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance pursues processes which are defect free that our customers can rely on.

Although GomunoInaki is a trading company, we pursue quality standards at the same level as manufacturers.
Quality Assurance covers process improvement and verification, measuring, inspection, and analysis.
During Product Inspection, we utilize advanced 3D measuring instruments and test devices.
We pursue Quality throughout every process and department within GomunoInaki, including Sales, R & D, and QC.
Our Quality Assurance capabilities are talored to meet the challenging demands of our customers and earn their trust.

GomunoInaki is also accredited

by ISO9001:2015 (JQA-QM6488, in 2001) on its environmental management system, as well as ISO14001:2015.

Basic Quality Policy

We contribute to the society through business by providing trustworthy, satisfying, and empathizing products and service.

Certificate scopes

Development and sales of industrial rubber and plastic products, and those compound products, along with construction of such equipment

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Major Analytical Equipment

Thermal Desorption Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer
Analyzes volatile organic compounds, such as those found in AC units, to detect the causes of "sick house syndrome."
Temperature-Vibration Testing Machine
Performs vibration load evaluation testing using both acceleration and vibration and under various temperature and humidity settings.
Capillary Rheometer (Capilograph)
Measures shearing viscosity and other rheological properties. The specimen is melted in a cylinder and extruded through a capillary tube.