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Domestic Affiliated Companies

Domestic Affiliated Companies with manufacturing functions

Gomunolnaki Industries Co., Ltd.
Rubber Compression and Injection Molding
Manufacturing of industrial rubber products: Diaphragms for automotive fuel injection and exhaust control, efficient seals, precision and functional parts such as O-rings, gas pressure controls, voltage controls, electric appliances, industrial equipment, and plumbing

  • Main Plant in Odaka, Nagoya

  • Chiba Plant

Toei Co., Ltd.
Plastic Injection Molding and Parts Assemblies
Manufacturing of plastic products: Engineered plastic molded products, high-performance precision insert resin products and assembly, and polyurethane foam

AI Co., Ltd.
Hose and Joint Assembly, Dimensional Measuring, and Material Property Testing
Specialized in assembly of various pressure hoses such as automotive HVAC coolant and forklift hydraulic hoses. Also providing services such as collecting dimensional measurement and material property data with CMM and other state-of-the-art machinery.
Kensetsu Rubber Co., Ltd.
Sales of industrial rubber and plastic products
Daito Co., Ltd.
Leasing service