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100-Year History

The 100-year history of GomunoInaki
We are well-established, and innovative

Gomuno-Inaki Company was referred to as in "Nagoya has the two greatest in the Orient: Nagoya Castle and Gomuno-Inaki" in the late 1920s.

Inaki Shop Era, 1919-1926

1919, October 10 Inaki Shop is founded by Eizo Inaki (1899-1972) in Fushimi 2-chome, Nishi-ku (current Maruno-uchi 1-chome, Naka-ku), Nagoya.
1924 Inaki Shop is relocated east next to Kuwana-cho 2-chome, Nishi-ku (current Maruno-uchi 2-chome, Naka-ku), Nagoya.
In 1919, immediately following the end of World War I, our forerunner "Inaki Shop" was founded by Eizo Inaki.

In 1927, the company was renamed to Gomuno-Inaki Company, becoming one of the first corporations to use the katakana syllabary.

Gomuno-Inaki Company Era, 1927-1946

1927, January Inaki Shop is renamed as Gomuno-Inaki Company, one of the first katakana syllabary corporate names in Japan.
1938 Kasuga-cho Warehouse is built in Kasuga-cho (current Kamimaezu 2-chome), Naka-ku, Nagoya.
Gomuno-Inaki Company Truck

"Dutsun T17" (722cc) at Kasuga-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya, c. 1938

GomunoInaki Co., Ltd. Kasuga-cho Era, 1946-1974

1946, August 24 GomunoInaki Co., Ltd. is incorporated in Kasuga-cho, Naka-ku, Nagoya.
1961, April The property which currently houses the Odaka Headquarters is obtained.
1961, December Kogane Rubber is moved to Odaka, and named as GomunoInaki Industries.
1962, May Nagoya Hamaprene Industries Co. is set, to be renamed as Toei Co. in 1977.
1968, January Head Office South Building is constructed in Kasuga-cho.
1969, October The 50th anniversary of foundation is held.
1970, June Eitaro Inaki (1927-2001) becomes the second president.
1971, March R & D Center is established at Odaka, and the "manufacturing functions exceeding manufacturers" are advocated.
1971, June Hose Assembling Center is set at Odaka, and then AI Co., Ltd. is set in 1979.
1971, August Head Office North Building is built in Kasuga-cho.

GomunoInaki Co., Ltd. Kamimaezu Era, 1974-1992

1974, May “Kasuga-cho, Naka-ku” is addressed as “Kamimaezu 2-chome, Naka-ku.”
1979, September Corporate Motto “Progressiveness [Enterprise], Sincerity, and Cooperation [Harmony]" is enacted.
1981, September GomunoInaki Industries Co., Ltd. is established at Odaka.
1982, July Mold Center is established in Komaki, north suburb of Nagoya.
1987, July Odaka West Building is constructed.
1988, May Ainak, Inc. is incorporated in Los Angeles, California (moves to Kentucky in 2001), U.S.A., as GomunoInaki's first overseas operation.
1992, April Records the highest sales of 58 billion yen with 529 employees.
In 1946 GomunoInaki Co., Ltd. was incorporated in Kasuga-cho (current Kamimaezu 2-chome), Naka-ku, by moving from Kuwana-cho.

In 1971, a year after Eitaro Inaki (1927-2001) became the second president,
a new R & D Center was established in Odaka which drew the attention of the industry as few trading companies owned research facilities at that time.

The Odaka location became the corporate headquarters in 1993.

GomunoInaki Co., Ltd. Kamimaezu-Odaka Era, 1993-

1993, January Odaka Main Building is constructed, and Odaka Headquarters are set.
1994, July NAKASHIMA RUBBER (THAILAND), affiliated joint corporation, is incorporated in Thailand.
1996, January HOINAK in Hong Kong and THAINAK in Thailand are incorporated.
1996, March AINAK INDUSTRIES is incorporated in Kentucky, U.S.A.
1997, June NESINAK INDUSTRIES is incorporated in Indonesia.
1999, August PHILINAK is incorporated in the Philippines.
GomunoInaki began expanding overseas in the 1980's.
This enabled us to remain close to our markets and provided us with cost benefits.

In 1988, Ainak Inc. was incorporated in California, U.S.A. as our first overseas operation.

The 21st Century Era, 2001-

2001, February Katsutoshi Yamaguchi (1936- ) becomes the third president.
2001, April ISO9001:2000 (JQA-QA6488) is accredited.
2001, November AINAK INDUSTRIES is merged into AINAK, INC. in Kentucky, U.S.A.
2002, March ISO14001:1996 (EC01J0334) is accredited.
2002, March INAKI INTERNATIONAL is incorporated in Hong Kong.
2002, June INAKI (SHANGHAI) is incorporated in Shanghai.
2002, October NESINAK TRADING is incorporated in Indonesia.
2002, December INAKI TECHNOLOGY is incorporated in Shenzhen and relocated in Chenzhou, China, in 2010.
2003, July EURONAK is incorporated in Czech.
2003, September INAKI PRECISION RUBBER (SHENZHEN) is incorporated in Guangdong, China.
2005, June Hiroshi Inaki (1963- ) becomes the fourth president.
2006, February SIAMNAK TRADING is incorporated in Thailand.
2006, May Basic Philosophy of GomunoInaki is enacted.
2010, November INAKI TECHNOLOGY (CHENZHOU) is incorporated in Hunan, China.
2011, January VIETINAK is incorporated in Vietnam.
2012, April Recynak, established in 2005 in Mie Prefecture, is liquidated.
2014, October TENJINAK is incorporated in India.
2015, April MYARNAK is incorporated in Myanmar.
2015, October GomunoInaki Historical Gallery is opened.
2018, January New corporate website is created.
2019, October The 100th anniversary of the corporate foundation is to be observed.

A Global Trading Company with Manufacturing Functions

GomunoInaki has a network of 16 offices and logistics centers,
five affiliated companies in Japan, and of 18 overseas operations in other ten countries.

GomunoInaki, a global trading company with manufacturing functions,
is able to meet the demands of global purchasing.