GomunoInaki supplies industrial rubber and plastic parts to various industries daily.

GomunoInaki's product line consists of a full range of rubber, plastic and metal parts.
From State of the Art High-Tech equipment parts to daily commodities,
our second to none quality has earned us a high reputation among various industries.
Our products are used in more than 1,000 leading companies in Japan and throughout the rest of the world.

Automotive Parts
General rubber and plastic components, along with light weight and composite materials for use in hybrid and electric vehicles
Automobile Air Conditioners and Engine Compartments
Products which excel in safety and durability
Electric Appliances, Office Automation, and Medical Supplies
Products which excel in precision and reliability
Housing Equipment and Equipment Parts
A large range of sanitation, cooking, and toiletry products for everything from general household to large-scale commercial and industrial use
Conveyer belts
Large-scale industrial and construction equipment

Representative Products

Molded and Processed Products
Industrial Rubber Products Precision molding (0-rings, diaphragms), metal fitting baking molding (rubber vibration isolator), extrusion molding (hoses, foamed rubber)
Industrial Plastic Products One-and two-color molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, vacuum molding
Assembled Products Rubber, plastic, and metal fitting assembly; adhesive processing
Material Processed Products Urethane foam, nonwoven fabrics (felt), films, the punched
Equipment parts and materials
Belts Conveyor belts (rubber and plastic), conductive belts, special belts, pipe conveyors
Hoses High pressure hoses, low-pressure hoses, duct hoses (joints and bands)
Sheets Various types of rubber sheets, sponge sheets, mats, films
Linings Rubber linings, plastics linings
Plastic materials Various types of plastics plates, rods and pipes
Plastic processing Welding, machining, FRP processing, printing
Magnets Permanent magnets, electromagnets, magnet application devices
Industrial tapes Double-sided tapes, sponge tapes, insulating tapes, packaging tapes
Metal products Various types of bellows and couplings
Bonding agent Hot Melt
Factory installation
Water works Water stop plates, handrails, lighting domes, flexible joints, filler
Sewage works Water stop plates, handrails, flexible rubber pipes, deodorizing dome
Road and tunnels Guard rails, rubber supports, high handrails, NATM sheets
Rivers and dams Water stop plates, flexible joints, waterproof sheets, watertight rubber parts
Land development Guard rails, culvert drain pipes, polyvinyl pipes, fences
Environmental facilities Conveyor belts, waterproof sheets
Sports facilities All-weather paving materials, fences, artificial trees and rocks, rubber fences
Harbors Fenders, mooring posts, oil fences, silt fences, corrosion, prevention materials
Railways Rubber supports, ballast mats, caulking compound
Shield methods Segment seal materials, high-pressure hoses, grout hoses, entrance packing, flexible segments
Construction materials Sealing compounds, gaskets, interior decoration materials, vibration damping materials

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