GomunoInaki Privacy Policy

GomunoInaki respects the significance of personal information and will perform its duties as follows:

  1. GomunoInaki will protect the personal information of individuals through its corporate regulations.
  2. When GomunoInaki received personal information, its purpose and scope are reviewed, and its use will be limited to the extent necessary.
  3. Personal information obtained shall be maintained in appropriate manners, and will not be disclosed to any third party without the prior written consent of the individual, nor for any other reasons except as required by law.
  4. GomunoInaki will take reasonable measures to keep personal information accurate and updated, and to prevent any unauthorized access, loss, change, or disclosure of the information.
  5. When personal information is handled by outside entities, the same caution and preventative measures shall be taken.
  6. GomunoInaki provides appropriate training to its employees regarding the protection of personal information.
  7. GomunoInaki abides by laws, guidelines, and other norms for protecting personal information, and continues to work to improve its performance.

Enacted: April 1, 2005

Contact: Personal Information, Administration Department