Environmental Activities

Environmental Activities

To live in "Symbiosis with Nature"
and connect us to a clean future.

While integrating environment preservation activities into its business activities,
and under the slogan of "symbiosis with nature," global environment issues are regarded
as some of the most important management policies of GomunoInaki,
and the people are to behave keeping the environment impacts by their deeds.

ISO14001:2015, accredited originally in 2002

Environmental Management System (EMS), to realize environment-friendly management for the global environment

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Environmental Policy

Basic Idea

GomunoInaki Co., Ltd., as a trading company, is engaged in the development and sales of industrial rubber and plastic products which are indispensable for modern society. While integrating environmental preservation activities into our business practices, and operating under our slogan of "Symbiosis with Nature," issues related to the global environment are regarded as some of the most important policies of GomunoInaki. At our Head Office, Odaka Headquarters, Nagoya North Office, and our Mold Research Center annex, our employees operate under our Environmental Management System (EMS) so as to be further conscious of protecting the environment through their actions.

Basic Policy

GomunoInaki Co., Ltd. has developed its' Environmental Management System (EMS) to realize environmental-friendly management policies through social and economic values in order to preserve the global environment.

  1. To promote eco- and environmentally-friendly products, technologies, and services, aimed at creating an eco-friendly corporation and to prevent pollution.
  2. To abide by environmental laws, ordinances, regulations, and accords.
  3. To continuously improve on our Environmental Management System to enhance our performance towards protecting the environment.
Major Measures
  1. To promote environmentally-friendly products, technologies, and services.
  2. To minimize the environmental impact of our business activities.
  3. To promote initiatives for Zero-Waste Society and SDGs.
  4. To maintain a safe and prosperous environment by actively contributing to the community.
  5. To ensure this policy in understood by all of our people, and to work together towards its success.
  6. This policy is disclosed at this website https://www.inaki.co.jp, and environmental inquiries may be sent to eco_inaki@inaki.co.jp

Enacted: August 24, 2001
Revised: May 1, 2021
Hideo Tokunaga
Managing Director
GomunoInaki Co., Ltd.